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Asia Open Call





Independent Art Space


18 — 22 May 2016

In conjunction with 1001 Steidl Books exhibition, STEIDL DECK & THEBOOKSHOW presents the Steidl Book Award: Asia Open Call.

The renowned German publisher Gerhard Steidl has published more than 4000 books in his career with countless prolific photographers. For years, he has championed the artistry behind book making and printing. This year, in support of the emerging photographic scene in Singapore and the region, he has donated over a thousand books to DECK, a Singapore-based arts space dedicated to photography.

In this special collaboration, we invite photographers and artists based in Asia to send in their self-published photo books for a chance to exhibit in this special edition of THEBOOKSHOW, alongside the Steidl DECK: 1001 Steidl Booksexhibition and to meet with Gerhard Steidl himself.

Selected book titles will exhibit alongside the 1001 Steidl Books exhibition. 5 shortlisted participants will have a one-on-one book review session with Gerhard Steidl. One of the five shortlisted entries will be awarded the Grand Prize and will have their book published by Steidl.

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  1. Broy Lim—and now they know

  2. Jake Verzosa—The Last Tattooed Women of Kalinga

  3. Park Jongwoo—DMZ

  4. Kapil Das—Lumpy Gravy

  5. Robert Zhao—A guide To Flora And Fauna of the World

  6. Woong Soak Teng—Ways To Tie Trees

  7. Yukari Chikura—Fluorite Fantasia

  8. Zhang Lijie—Midnight Tweedle​

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