A Different Reading

Catherine Hu
Marvin Tang
Woong Soak Teng
Hong Shu-ying
Lin Shiau Yu

Azelia Ng
Gwendolyn Say
Macarius Eng
Mingli Seet

Hanson Ho as designer mentor
Ang Song Nian as artist mentor

A Different Reading is a project by THEBOOKSHOW that attempts to open up new dialogues and synergies between young creatives of varied background, training and knowledge through the process of creating a new artist book. Bringing together 5 young artists and 4 young designers, under the mentorship of Hanson Ho of H55 and artist Ang Song Nian, each artist-designer pair produces a new art book to be launched at the Singapore Art Book Fair 2022.

Soft Launch
31.03.2022, 23:59h
Price reflected are already discounted for the soft launch!

Planner 2061
by Catherine Hu, designed by Azelia Ng


The Mountain Survey
by Marvin Tang, designed by Gwendolyn Say


rules of photographing a scoliotic patient
by Woong Soak Teng, designed by Macarius Eng


笔迹 script/ notes
by Hong Shu-ying, designed by Mingli Seet


by Lin Shiau Yu, designed by Mingli Seet