• 10 Photographers capture the shape of time, 2020 and 2000
    Photographers from seven different cultures including Japan, France, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States, responded to this call by photographer Ai Iwane.
    Ai Iwane called on ten artists for the first issue of "Decades" in defiance of the restrictions by the influence of COVID-19 and refusing to stop.
    During those days when traveling was banned and everyone was locked at home, she pulled out from her closet some contact sheets and negative films. There were many boxes labeled 2000.
    While she organized little by little the photographs in those boxes, Iwane traveled back and forth between today and two decades ago.
    Like 2020, every single one of us said the world would drastically change in 2000.
    Spending at home had a unique flow of time, also made us sense the existence of the many others living in this same era more distinctly than ever.
    Iwane was urged to ask other photographers who live at the same time what they saw in 2020, and what they had done in 2000. she wanted to print the time of today in the midst of a swirling change, and the time of past that had led up to today both aside, and make it into a magazine.
    Contacting and writing letters to some she had never met in person made her feel she was on a journey.
    By having an exchange that wasn't possible online, The new photography magazine have launched in which ten photographers, Ishiuchi Miyako, Antoine d'Agata, Shen Chao-Liang, Luo Dan, Seung Woo Back, ERIC, Ryuichi Ishikawa, Jinhee Kim, and Mandela Hudson, participating in.
    Decades We Lived, and Decades Hereafter.
    In the year when the world experiences a drastic transition,
    "Decades(No.1 2000_20 Issue),with juxtaposed photographs of the years 2000, 2020, and essays that condense the decades in each region, will be delivered to readers like letters from the time axis.

    Decades_No.1 2000_20 Issue) / Various authors

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