With “Just Married!”, Tatsu Hanai has compiled twelve years of work and presents a selection of moments not only during the ceremony, but also before and after that are usually not photographed. Those are including even the moment that the bride and groom themselfs would not have been able to see.
The bride’s father volunteering to hold the photographer’s reflector, children acting out of character, a mother breaking out in tears with the newly-weds, or a couple’s visit to a dying grandmother in a hospice, and even the deceased, who were not able to attend the ceremony, is exuding the bless with their biggest love at the place of hare (sacred).
Being a family, to become a family.
"Just Married!" that the valuable and humor of a relationship that can also be said coincidental and destiny, are condensed into a photograph, highlights the human life through weddings, and presents us with a unique moment that overlaps with all people.

Just Married! / Tatsu Hanai

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