Harumichi Saito’ s long-awaited sequel, eight years after the previous work "Kando". Harumichi Saito is a deaf photographer who shortlisted by 45 th Kimura ihei photography award.
Many of his photographs are of disabled people, or of minorities within Japanese society.
His photos overflow with light and clarity, as he draws a dignity and radiance out of his subjects, which are not limited just to people: he also photographs animals and landscapes. As a photographer, Saito's distinguishing feature is the way he faces his subject directly, which allows the viewer to experience the pure beauty of his photographs. His works express a living, breathing world beyond all classifications or boundaries.
“Kando,” (Japanese for “deeply moving” ) collects moments from life both extraordinary and everyday,
taken with an appreciation for momentary beauty and the remarkable talent to let each single image breathe and tell its own little story. Saito photographs waterdrops on flower petals with as much devotion as he captures a newborn staring at glistening sunbeams.
The moment when the beings that live here are crossing each other. The unknown existence, the world, and myself. It is the masterpiece photobook "Kando、" which things that can penetrate them and be reconnected.

KAndo、/ Harumichi Saito

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