_La plaque sensible(Photosensitive Plate of Perception)_" was inspired by the birth of photography that occurred in the 19th century; in response to it, a series of artists explored new paintings by visiting and composing places. Risaku Suzuki traveled to those places, and the book is made of 58 works that he photographed.
We feel the free and nimble movement of the eyes released from the body, as seen in his early works "KUMANO" and "PILES OF TIME" that brought in parallax with a handy medium format rangefinder. After switching to a large format camera in the middle of "MONT SAINTE VICTOIRE", he approached visual perception through trial and error.
Suzuki, who has consistently pursued the "pureness" of perception since his debut, faces the transformation of the meaning of painting by the birth of photography in this book, and asks himself "What is painting?" This resonates with the history of painters after the Impressionists, who opened up the possibilities of painting while asking this question.
The works contained in this collection (whose title is Cezanne's words) describe the ideal form of an artist. Each photograph resonates deeply with the points of view and the challenge of the act of drawing. It can be said that it truly opens up new ways of dealing with landscapes. The feel of the canvas cloth on the cover begins to change the images in ways that cannot be overlooked.
This book, with its intimate closeness and depth, is an important achievement in the oeuvre of Risaku Suzuki, and one that can be described as a culmination of his original interest and methodology.
"The sun shines and hope smiles in the heart." (Paul Cezanne)
�Sensing and responding to something from an object is an experience of depth, and depth is born every time you look at it. The world is lasting and ever-changing.�
(Excerpt from Risaku Suzuki�s "Photosensitive Plate of Perception")

La plaque sensible / Risaku Suzuki

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