• Ordinary Magazine: Issue #5 Rubbish Bag

    [Double issue]

    210 x 297 mm


    A rubbish bag is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish. Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the receptacle from becoming coated in waste material. Most bags these days are made out of plastic, and are typically black in color.



    Kevin van Aelst

    Mauricio Alejo

    Bompas & Parr

    Lotte van Eijk

    Kostis Fokas

    Amos Fricke

    Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

    David Brandon Geeting

    Heleen Haijtema & Tryntsje Nauta

    Sebastian Henkel

    Lauren Hillebrandt

    Jan Hoek & Godlisten Meshack

    Harmen de Hoop

    Thomas Nondh Jansen


    Martin Kollar

    Taisuke Koyama

    Kelia Anne MacCluskey

    Chris Maggio

    Hans van der Meer

    Malcom Nduati

    Perrine Philomeen

    Cécilia Poupon

    Andy Price


    Rottingdean Bazaar & Annie Collinge

    Phebe Schmidt

    Helmut Smits

    Rachel Stern

    Zhongjia Sun


    Florent Tanet

    Yumiko Utsu

    Marie Valognes

    Wyne Veen

    Daniele Vickers

    Ben Wheele

    Ordinary Magazine: Issue #5 Rubbish Bag [Double Issue]

    • Ordinary is a quarterly fine art photography magazine featuring over 20 artists from around the world who are sent one ordinary object, which comes as an extra, to make it extra-ordinary.


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