• Genevieve Leong

    our breaths are short, this breeze untameable

    Singapore, 2018

    Self-published, limited to 100 copies

    148 x 210mm


    This work is a contemplation upon an attempt to understand the wind. The wind, a divine force impossible to go against, embodies a signifier of change – be it a small breath, the rustling of leaves, or a large hurricane. Beyond the physical, this force can cause an internal change, such as the change of a state of mind. The work brings about a play between certainty and confusion, relating to the ambiguity of the wind.


    Published in conjunction with New Margins Exhibition, 2018, held at Deck and organised by THEBOOKSHOW. 


    Prints are sold as a set of three

    Riso Printed (actual item might differ slightly from images due to print method)

    Edition of 20

    125 x 190mm

    our breaths are short, this breeze untameable / Genevieve Leong

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    • Genevieve Leong (b.1992) is a visual artist whose practice attempts to visualise the intangible. She is often intrigued by emotions that come in quietness and how that same quietness transforms common places into unfamiliar spaces. The starting point of her work is often image-based, and the image then becomes a trigger point in realising the visualisation of the intangible through other varied elements like installation, text, moving image.

      Genevieve Leong completed her BA Fine Art (Photography & Digital Imaging) at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media (NTU, ADM), Singapore. She is due to graduate in June 2019 from MA Contemporary Art Practice (Critical Practice) at the Royal College of Art (RCA), London.

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