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    Rubbish Famzine No. 9

    Self-published, 2020

    Box set with self assembled cardboard chair, screws and book

    Edition of 300

    Box size 210 x 160 x 30mm



    Rubbish Famzine is a bi-annual family zine consisting of dad - Pann, mom - Claire, and their son, Renn & daughter, Aira. This is the latest issue of the limited edition zine produced by Pann and Claire Lim and their children Renn and Aira. This time the theme is 'chairs', and the hand-finished printed zine comes with a hobby kit model of a mid-century chair.


    Note: we have really limited numbers of this item; please limit orders to one per person. Orders for more will be refunded.

    Rubbish Famzine No. 9 / Holycrap.sg

    • Holycrap is an art collective by Claire, Renn, Aira and Pann. Started in 2011, the family of 4, Claire, the 43 year old mom, Renn, the 12 year old son, Aira, the 11 year old daughter and Pann, the 44 year old dad believe that expression is a form of art and it can manifest in many ways. They mostly function as a whole and will approach every project or collaboration with a fresh direction. They have held group and solo exhibitions to date. Their catalogs for their exhibitions have won local and international awards. Renn and Aira might possibly be the youngest creatives who have won The Singapore Creative Circle Awards, The New York One Show, The British D&AD and The Cannes Design Lions.

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