• AA Bronson

    The Magic Forest


    Edition of 500
    Soft cover
    16.5 x 22.5 cm, 14pp
    Black and white


    A collection of black and white photographs of The Magic Forest, a wooded area between the Fire Island communities of Cherry Grove and The Pines. "It is here," writes Bronson, "that the two very different communities meet for sex. There is a volunteer group of mostly older men, survivors from the '80s and '90s, who tend the paths faithfully, adding white sand, cutting out dangerously low-hanging branches, removing trash, and hanging handy bags of condoms in the trees. Through this moist and misty universe float the spirits of the past, the many men who died here, and who came here to die."

    The Magic Forest / AA Bronson

    • AA Bronson is an artist living and working in Toronto and Berlin. In the sixties, he left University with a group of friends to found a free school, a commune, and an underground newspaper. This led him into an adventure with gestalt therapy, radical education, and independent publishing. In 1969 he formed the artists’ group General Idea with Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal; for the next 25 years they lived and worked together to produce the living artwork of their being together, undertaking over 100 solo exhibitions, and countless group shows and temporary public art projects. They were known for their magazine FILE (1972-1989), their unrelenting production of low-cost multiples, and their early involvement in punk, queer theory, AIDS activism, and other manifestations of the other. In 1974 they founded Art Metropole, Toronto, a distribution center and archive for artists’ books, audio, video, and multiples, which they conceived as the shop and archive for their Gesamtkunstwerk: The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion, a kind of meta-museum. From 1987 through 1994, they focused their work on the subject of AIDS.


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