Dirty Laundry: First Load

November 30, 2016


As part of the School of Uncommon Knowledge event hosted by The Substation THEBOOKSHOW presents its first edition of the Dirty Laundry Project!


/ What is Dirty Laundry?

Between the good, the bad and the ugly, we are intrigued by the idea of the bad, simply because the ‘good’ has become a little boring, and more often than not, predictable. Now, a growing sea of grey, this muddy area in which makes an image or a photograph ‘good’ or ‘bad’ becomes an interesting conversation among image makers, tastemakers, and the audience. Dirty Laundry is THEBOOKSHOW’s latest project, an attempt at giving all these images that have fallen through the cracks another attempt at life.


A participative session that advocates the collaborative production of a photo-book through open discussion, this class will see participants put together a book of 'bad' photographs taken by the participants themselves. By putting together this photobook, the thought processes behind the sequencing and piecing together of a photobook will be revealed.


/ About School of Uncommon Knowledge


This November, prepare to have unexpected encounters with people you’d normally never meet, ideas you’d never think of and games you’d never play. Welcome to the School of Uncommon Knowledge. 

With over 30 classes, the School of Uncommon Knowledge is an open school where we celebrate the exchange of knowledge. It is a place where the boundaries between teachers and students are blurred. Whether it is through life experiences, or skills that society doesn’t value — don’t you know someone who has so much to share? Don’t we all have something to give in return?




Check out what our participants have produced!




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