Paris Days Two and Three

November 26, 2017

 A book fair on a boat? YES PLEASE. The space was small, but not TOO small, small in a cosy way. With three decks, it was more than we expected. We thought we could finish looking through the entire fair in an hour but we ended up staying for a couple more! Really cool books here. Lots more independent publishers and artist booths. Met up with our friend, Yanyou of Jiazazhi Press as well!


 Want to give a shout out to this amazing book that we didn't get to buy because it was more than what our pocket can afford.

Like a Pearl in my Hand by Carina Hesper

In this box, it holds sheets of matte photographs that appears to be just black. Solid black entirely. But as you lift it up to flip it, at first you'd think, oh no my fingerprint is on the photograph! But it's actually a heat sensitive coating on the print itself. as you warm up the photograph with your hands, you begin to see the image appear, a portrait of a child. This experience mirrors that of the blind as they use their hands to recognise people's faces. I thought this translation of the idea to the physical act was really interesting! 




After Polycopies, we headed to Jeu De Paume to take a look at the Ali Kazma show. The show consisted of many videos about human activity. The videos were ordinary at first glance but somehow I just wanted to keep watching the clock repair man take apart the clock, wash everything in it and slowly put them back together or the taxidermist de-skinning a goat and mounting it onto a mannequin, or a doctor performing a brain surgery.



The next day, we headed to Offprint Paris. Suffering from a bit of art book overload...Offprint held a varied amount of different art books, not only photobooks, which was a bit of a breath of fresh air from photography, although we were a bit disappointed there weren't many. 


After Offprint, it was off to catch our train back to London! WHEW what a weekend.


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