THEBOOKSHOW is a platform that began in 2014. Through the use of the book, a basic and familiar medium to all, THEBOOKSHOW advances towards being a mediator between the art world and the general public. It acts as an avenue for artists to showcase self-published photo-books in exhibitions as well as art festivals in hopes to bring upon renewed perspectives of the book medium. THEBOOKSHOW believes very much in challenging the medium - moving away from the conventional form that the book takes. In time, it looks to build a substantial database advocating that the book form is an art in and of itself. 


Since its conception, THEBOOKSHOW has hosted international open and closed calls for the realisation of book shows biannually. Most recently, we held an international open call for photobooks in collaboration with the Singapore Art Book Fair 2019. The showcase was held at NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts. In 2018, we curated New Margins, an exhibition centring the photobook medium within a gallery context and in 2017, First Draft was launched as a closed call involving renowned Singaporean art practitioners to nominate 8 emerging artists to realise a photobook exhibition held at Objectifs, Centre for Film and Photography. We have also collaborated in the 2016 Steidl Book Awards: Asia Open Call together with Gerhard Steidl, German publisher and DECK, independent art space in Singapore.


THEBOOKSHOW is co-founded by Ang Song Nian and Leanna Teoh

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For any enquiries, please contact us at info@thebookshow.org