• Gideon Kong Wenda

    Forming Cityscapes: 02 / Behaviours

    Inkjet printed

    160mm × 128mm

    Typeface: Times New Roman and Calibri


    A project initially started as an attempt to make sense of all the snapshots taken on a daily basis, which progressively became an archive of everyday observations. Some of these images are made through careful observation, but most are just casual and intuitive documentations on things of interest.

    Through some thinking and organising, groups of images are presented in an ongoing series of small books, each displaying ideas of a selected theme. The result is a reflection of the author's process of observation and choice of approach in presenting the collected information—a visual documentation of objects, environments, and our relationships with them.

    Forming Cityscapes: 02 / Behaviours / Gideon Kong

    • Currently based in Singapore (b.1991). Part of a two-people studio (gideon-jamie.com) involved in design, research, and teaching as interdependent modes of engagements. Situated at the margins of design practice, the studio searches for critical responses to issues in design, culture, and education by utilising alternative modes of production, communication, and distribution. The studio also runs a small-scale publishing press Temporary Press which explores initiatives with students, educators, and researchers, and has been involved in multiple short teaching engagements in both institutional and non-institutional settings within Singapore. Currently also pursuing an MA (research) investigating/clarifying the problematics of "critical practices in (graphic) design" as well as arguing for its potential and need within the larger discipline. Previously an adjunct tutor for Contextual Studies at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore (Design Communication), and initiated multiple irregular workshops since 2014. 

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