• Leanna Teoh
    Knowing Him

    Singapore, 2013
    Self-published, Softcover
    210 x 290mm


    Knowing Him expresses the unique relationship between father and daughter, showcasing buildings that were once designed by the artist's father. The portraits of these building are depicted in a distant and disconnected manner to the viewer, yet we awe at its unfathomable majesty of it's presence. All of which is parallel to the relationship of father and daughter.

    Knowing Him / Leanna Teoh

    • Leanna uses photography as a form of documentation to life, not just the event itself, but a story. Photography is the medium she employs to portray her experiences and emotional reaction to her surroundings. It is almost as if her photographs encapsulates her inner thoughts and are put in a form where words are inadequate. Based in Singapore, Leanna Teoh is currently involved as a member of THEBOOKSHOW's committee, an initiative promoting self-published photo books. She graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography and Digital Imaging. She has showcased her works locally at Deck, Jurong Regional library and internationally in Pingyao International Photo Festival 2014, China and in Bandung Photo Festival 2013, Indonesia.

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