• Shoko Masunaga

    Abstract Butter

    16pp, 142 x 210 mm

    Softcover, Staple bound

    16 images

    Edition of 500


    Published by Zen Foto Gallery

    Abstract Butter / Shoko Masunaga

    • I see things like a map: the relationship between the color of objects in relation to each other affects the depth of which I perceive them; when I see books lined up on the desk, I see organic and inorganic lines among them. 

      When I began creating art, I tried to instill what I perceive into my work. I painted on paper and then began to cut the paper. I was overwhelmed to discover that by physically holding the pieces of paper I painted, I was better able to capture the sensation and experience of how I perceive color and line. By going beyond the simple use of paint on a frame piece of canvas alone, I am able to impart a more accurate depiction of what I see. 

      This lead me to consider, what is a painting? How do other aspects of creating work with paint transgress this definition? This has become the fundamental idea I am doubt with.



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