During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, a large number of women were victims of sexual violence used as a weapon of war, and some 20,000 children were born as a result. Jonathan Torgovnik interviewed a number of the women and photographed them with their children, publishing Intended Consequences: Rwandan Children Born of Rape in 2009. After its publication, the work received a great response around the world and won the Discovery Award at the Arles Photography Festival in France in 2012.
Twelve years after his first encounter, Torgovnik visited these families again. This time, Unlike the previous book, the mothers had already told their children about their origins. The children, now adults, speak out for the first time about being labeled �children of killers� and about the discrimination and rejection they have suffered. Their mothers tell of ongoing struggles and woes, but also of positive changes in mental condition and parent-child relationships.
Published as Disclosure: Rwandan Children Born of Rape, with juxtaposed photos taken about 12 years ago and a photo 12 years later, this project continues to highlight the use of sexual violence as a weapon and its consequences.
In the 20th century, The genocide had been mainly mationed as a faceless genocide, like a Auschwitz. On the other hand, the genocide by neighbors or acquaintance in Rwanda, and the lives of victims who continued to live afterwards, have been less talked about and had been forgotten.
Rape generates a tortuous and profound trauma that affects the children born as a result and is also passed down to future generations. In revisiting these families, Torgovnik has uncovered a difficult but meaningful story with powerful implications. It is a story of hope and forgiveness, of fragility, and of the deep trauma and effects of genocide.

Disclosure - Rwandan Children Born of Rape / Jonathan Torgovnik

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