• Lai Yu Tong

    How To Make A Clock Spin Anticlockwise


    26 pp 

    Self-published zine

    Zerox print on office paper


    "I made this zine in 2016 after learning from Youtube how to modify my clock to make it spin backwards. The zine is a sort of failed instruction manual that is very unclear because it has bad photographs and no text.I had to serve 22 months of compulsory military service between 2015 and 2016. I could only describe this time as being a dull and meaningless counting of endless numbered days."

    - Lai Yu Tong

    How To Make A Clock Spin Anti-Clockwise / Lai Yu Tong

    • Lai Yu Tong is a Singaporean visual artist whose works respond to common conditions borne out of modern living—exhaustion, over-consumption, mundanity and disorientation. He sees his practice as a process of locating rhythms within the everyday and finding ways to carry on.

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