• Maki Hayashida


    Japan, 2014



    Edition of 50


    Art direction and editorial coordination by Jan Rosseel, Yumi Goto


    My lifework project "JAPAN-GO-ROUND" captured landscapes of nature touched by human. Even if it looks like untouched wild nature at a glance, there are always human communities near by. In other words, I'm not taking any adventure at all to photograph these scenery. I'm just visiting and taking a look into communities in rural areas of all across Japan.

    I've been having short trips from Tokyo to various rural areas since 2013, and I always end up with finding the essence of how we live. It is because there still exist traditional land use that have evolved from local communities' long-term efforts to adapt to their surrounding environments and enjoy their bounties in a sustainable manner. 

    Satoyama (landscapes) and Satoumi (seascapes) are the Japanese names for these sustainable human-influenced natural environments. Since current global trends have highlighted efficiency and convenience in capitalism, I've started this project to reconsider the importance of Satoyama and Satoumi. There may be another clue for better life globaly in such sustainable human-influenced natural environments in Japan.



    2014 International Photography Award, Honorable Mention (Book)

    The Photobook Market, Encontros da Imagem, winner



    The Photobook Market, Encontros da Imagem

    The Photobook Show, Athens Photo Festival 2015

    THEBOOKSHOW the 3rd edition

    La Fototeca's Photo Book Exhibition

    BIND at Travel Photo Jaipur



    Darwin Magazine

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    Japan-Go-Round / Maki Hayashida

    • Maki Hayashida, born in 1984 in Hyogo, is a Tokyo-based photographer who travels around rural areas in Japan, finding the extraordinary in ordinary rural landscapes. She specializes in making photobooks on her own, self-editing, printing, and binding. Her handmade photo books have been exhibited worldwide. She learned the fundamental of photography when she was a one-year exchange student at high school in Minnesota.


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