OH Open House

OH! Marina Bay - Happiness Index


Does money really make the world go round? 


Themed The Happiness Index, 13 artists explored the concept of happiness with our financial hub as the backdrop. Artworks occupied the high-powered corporate world, from highly-secured banks to boardrooms and secret spaces within the financial district. 

Featuring 12 stories about the secret lives of the Bay – ranging from anecdotes about its past life to invisible spiritual spaces nestled between skyscrapers. 

OH! Marina Bay - Happiness Index / OH Open House

  • OH! Open House is an independent arts organisation that tells alternative stories of Singapore through art. Since 2009, we have provided more than 20,000 people with the unique experience of appreciating art and heritage outside of museums and galleries – from strangers’ homes to underutilised public spaces. We work with artists to present art in unconventional locations, or in surprising new ways. Through our diverse programmes, OH! creates opportunities to understand and connect with the everyday on a more meaningful level.


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