• Audrey Tay

    One Place To Another And Back Again

    Singapore, 2016


    210 x 297 mm


    One Place To Another And Back Again is a visual documentation of several spontaneous journeys using the Park Connector Network (PCN), which links Singapore together through island-wide paths. Unbeknownst to most people, the PCN does not only lead to the usual parks and beaches, but also surrounds various un-noticed roads, expressways, flyovers, reservoirs and many other places that are otherwise not easily accessible. 

    Such a network is unique to our country, due to its small size and also made possible with a well-developed infrastructure. As the connector paths were slowly built over the years from one end of Singapore to another, we see people starting to use them in their daily lives, accepting it as part of their urban landscape. This series of photos are an attempt to capture the spaces, people and found objects that I have encountered on several occasions while journeying through different connectors scattered around the island.

    Many of these objects or spaces that were captured in this project seemed out-of-place, in an outrageous, humorous and sometimes ironic manner. The intention was to investigate and observe how people interacted with or used these interlinked routes for their own purposes and also to create images that went beyond the usual mundane scenery photos.

    One Place To Another / Audrey Tay

    • Audrey (b. 1991) is a graduate from the Photography And Digital Imaging Programme from the School of Art, Design and Media (NTU, Singapore).

      Using image-making as a medium to explore her existential thoughts, her visual works often seek to highlight the presence of the unknown or unnoticed in her daily lived experiences of this world.


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