• Xiaopeng Yuan

    Same Paper Magazine Issue 1000

    Produced by Same Studio

    Published 2013

    Edition of 3000


    Same Paper is a Shanghai-based self-publishing studio, founded by photographer Xiaopeng Yuan and graphic designer Yijun Wang (Evan) in 2013. Since then, the studio has published 10 photo books with several photographers and organized events & exhibitions revolved on photography and self publishing from time to time.


    Same Paper是在上海的自出版工作室,由摄影师袁小鹏和平面设计师王义军在2013年创办,至今共为多位摄影师出版了共10本书。除此之外,还不定期开展和摄影、自出版相关的活动及展览。

    Same Paper Magazine: Issue 10000 / Same Studio

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